We will meet in-person on Wednesday, 21 April at 19:30 hours at the Belltown Firehouse.
Our agenda will include:
  1. Officer Elections and State Delegate elections
  2. Memorial Day Events (Ceremony, Parade, Grand Marshal)
  3. Cemetery Flag Planting (St. John, Woodland, Queen of Peace)
  4. Poppy sales
  5. VFW Annual Picnic (proposed Sunday 22 August, Darien VFW)
  6. 100th Annual State Convention, June 12-13.
  7. Veterans Memorial Park update
  8. Road to making Stamford a Purple Heart City
  9. Share your story
  10. Vaccination Updates
  11. State Convention
  12. Other business
Motions for consideration
  1. Motion to accept the slate nominated officers and delegates and for a member to cast one vote to elect the nominees on the slate or as modified via discussion.
  2. Motion to donate $100 to cover VOD, PP, TOY and BSA programs as we did not have any participants.
  3. Motion to hold a picnic in August in lieu of our regularly scheduled meeting.
  4. Motion to contribute $### to a Gold Star Family breakfast prior to Memorial Day ceremony.
  5. Motion to cover cost of 100th Annual Convention Booster for participating members.
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