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We are all familiar with combat. Today’s invisible war is a threat to many of us and we must do our part to fight. This may not be the regular warfare we are used to but the mission is the same, WIN. Please follow all the guidance given by the city of Stamford and state of Connecticut. They all the say the same thing to protect yourselves from the disease. Below are some general links and links that pertain to veterans. If you need assistance please reach out to the commander at 203-918-0329. Lastly be aware of scams!

Stamford COVID-19 webpage

Connecticut COVID-19 webpage

Center for Disease Control 

Attorney General Tong Lt Gov Bysiewicz and DCP Commissioner Seagull Warn Residents of Scam Connecting  2020 Census to Future Coronavirus Census Checks

VFW COVID-19 Operational Guidance (Login required)

Veterans Administration COVID-19 blog

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Read this and be sure your post complies.  Pretty stiff fines.  BTW: There seems to be some confusion as to the half capacity gatherings.  That is ONLY with the restaurant rules openings.  Your meetings or any rentals cannot exceed the 25 person rule inside or 100 outside, Unless you apply for other events through the state that are allowed.  Those are listed in the CT OPENING rules.   Ron

Connecticut's governor signed an executive order Tuesday designed to hit people where it hurts -- in the wallet -- if they endanger the public by refusing to wear masks to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

Thirty-four states and the District of Columbia  mandate the wearing of masks in public, but Gov. Ned Lamont’s order makes Connecticut one of the few states that will issue fines to those who don't comply. Starting midnight Thursday, residents could be fined $100 if they’re caught violating the mask mandate.

In addition to providing law enforcement with "a new tool,” Lamont’s order also imposes statewide uniformity on how mask mandates will be enforced, Geballe added.

Towns like Simsbury, for example, had already enacted a $250 fine for violations of mask or physical distancing orders.

"It’s come up over and over again, to the point where we felt it was an appropriate thing to do,” Geballe said.

Lamont’s executive order also imposes a $250 fine for attending indoor events with more than 25 people or large outdoor gatherings with more than 100 people. And people who organize these unsanctioned events are subject to a $500 fine.